Alex Jones Fakes Story about Sex Ed Class in Jacksonville Florida

I rather enjoyed learning the truth about this situation regarding a story that said a class of children in Jacksonville Florida were given explicit sex ed instructions and demonstrations by a gay / lesbian teacher.  It’s all a bunch of lies!  Watch the video:


Jones’ infowars site has now deleted the article, but other people are going with it to preach their anti-gay agenda message such as Will Dance as 93.3 fm whom I heard go on and on about this “teacher” this morning. You can see screen shots of it at Sheila Aliens’ site.  It really does not take that long to fact check a story before you go defaming people and spreading lies.  I think people are outraged at a lot of things happening and rightly so, but keep to the truth at all times or risk losing your audience and credibility. I am going to share this article on Will’s facebook page and see if he corrects his error on air tomorrow.  That will tell me a lot about him as well.


Images from the class used on Alex Jones Infowars site


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