Kajieme Powell : Suicide by Cop

It seems the cops are going to oblige you if you want to play “suicide by cop” with them.  I wonder what happened to tasers and bean bag guns etc..


He yells, “shoot me” several times, then acts erratic and they shot him, drt (dead right there).  This is in Missouri where the Ferguson incident is playing out and so much rioting is happening.  Cops are nervous and citizens are angry.  People need to step back and stop acting foolish.


8 comments on “Kajieme Powell : Suicide by Cop

  1. “”What are we to do?”” For me, it is to share the best love song I’ve ever heard with you, and that is only because I know that you are deep enough to “dig it.” Love you Christine – John

  2. Christina,

    If you were to not approve these replies, and revolve a new post on this song, I would feel pleased. You and others might be pleased as well. This life is not all about darkness, as we both know. …


  3. I know that you will find it in a stroke, but this is just too good))) {how old is your daughter – mine is 37} ***

    Do whatever you love and you will be free
    If you can’t buy happiness try to lease
    Or buy a better mirror stare a little longer now

    One thousand reasons to cry out
    Is that a life?
    A thousand reasons to smile, I tell you why
    Consolation to you tears I’ma light up your way

    For what its worth
    You’re my warrior
    And I’m your worrier

    Do not be confused by the murderers
    Goodness is bigger than us you can’t see it cause
    It is silent yeah but it’s feeding this world

    You are not depressed cause you fell out of love
    Everything is a test maybe you´re better off
    What you call a problem I just call them lessons of love

    For what it’s worth
    You’re my warrior
    And I’m your worrier

    Come on let’s take a walk
    Shh don’t say a word
    Let’s not talk
    Let the silence do all the communicating tonight
    Life is not just a walk in the park
    I know that
    But its a start right
    They say silence is gold
    But its kind of hard when so much remains untold
    You looking the other way me kicking up dust
    Blocking the sun still got shades on
    Blocking our point of view
    Yeah we differ a lot about what and what not´s
    What we ain’t and what we could have got
    Thinking our arms ain’t to short to box with God
    This ain’t a midnight stroll in Paris
    More like a careless walk through a field of land mines
    I cherish you
    Though you are a warrior too
    What are we to do

    God never promised you days without pain
    Laughter without sorrow
    Sun without rain
    But He did promise strength for you every day

    Still in Tears!! Oh how can I not be sad
    For my guidance was
    Was upon your hands
    Wrapped around, I pray, I pray you understand

    For what it’s worth
    You’re my warrior
    And I’m you worrier

    Te falta el aire (Do you need air?)
    Te compro el viento (I’ll buy the wind)
    Soy tu dinero (I’ll be you money)

    Si yo te quiero (Now that I love you?)
    Porque te vas ( Why are you leaving?)
    Mi fusilero (My executioner)

    Soy lo que veo (I’m what I see)
    Soy lo que das (I’m what you give)
    Tu prisionero (I’m your prisoner)

    Lo que me diste (What you gave me)
    Lo guardo adrentro (I keep it inside)
    Soy tu guerrero (I’m your warrior)

    From my mother I learned
    Never is too late
    That’s its always possible to start out again
    You may feel you’ve stopped but you’re just on your way

    You are not depressed
    You just unemployed
    Time is all we got, don’t you kill it boy
    Everybody is in love when things are going well

    For what it’s worth
    You’re my warrior
    And I’m your worrier


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