Icelandic Super Volcano Warning

I found this article, and think you should be aware of the potential disaster brewing in the region of these Icelandic volcanoes.  There is a lot of history to this area, and the article is well worth reading at Daily Kos.

(Above: Eyjafjallajökull – a “little” volcano – erupting in 2010)

Here are some snippets from the article:

Written by Rei

… since it’s gotten about zero coverage (it gets almost no hits on Google News)….

It’s a beautiful day here in Iceland. The weather is crisp. Clear skies over almost the whole country. Light breezes. Potential erupting globally-super-dangerous volcano. Chirping birds. The usual

Oh, did I bury the lede that a globally-super-dangerous volcano might be getting ready to go off? Um, yeah, you might want to watch this one just in case…


(Above: The fissure of Laki, the deadliest volcano in recorded history.)

Could Be A Precursor To An Eruption

“It’s clear that this is not exclusively some kind of shifting going on. There is something more at hand, that which we call magma movement which is deeper than 5-10 kilometers. Whether it stops or keeps going will eventually become clear.”

This is according to Ari Trausti Guðmundsson, a seismologist interviewed by concerning the earthquake storm which has been in progress in Bárðarbunga on the northern side of Vatnajökull since last night. A hundred quakes have been measured since the storm began and the biggest has been around magnitude 3 according to data from the Weather Office. The national police have described a state of uncertainty concering the earthquakes according to conversations with the police in Húsavík and Hvolsvellur

Ari points out that there have often ghappened that there’s an influx up to the surface of the volcano and earthquake activity has occurred several years before an eruption happens – for example, in the case of Eyjafjallajökull. “Thus this could be something similar. But on the other hand there’s the possibility that it makes it all the way up”, he says. He says the center of the quakes is not the middle of the volcanic system, rather east and northeast of its caldera which is under the ice. If it would erupt there then there would be an ash eruption under Dyngjujökull (glacier). But if it would be a little to northeast then it would be under Dyngjuháls. He says that it’s quite possible that an eruption could come although it’s not possible to know with certainty at this stage.

“If it becomes imminent, and especially if there are bigger quakes, then then that would be a precursor to an eruption and it would be just a matter of hours. Or even the beginning of an eruption,” adds Ari Trausti. For example if the earthquakes would be around 4 to 4,5.

Read the Article for full details here.


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