Gov. Perry: Mugshot and His Veto

I like Gov. Rick Perry.  Granted, he is part of the evil right wing establishment, but I can’t have everything I want in a politician it seems.  On a scale of 1 to 10 in liking views held by a politician, I give Gov. Perry and 8.  I can say this, I would love to have his hutzpah should I ever be having my mugshot taken:

If you cannot recognize political theater when it is presented, then I suggest you rethink how independent of a person you really are.  Something is going on in Texas.  Of course the Democrats want to turn the Red state into Blue state.  They want to find dirt on any and every conservative in the state, and thus the on liberal county, Travis, that houses the corruption unit is investigating corruption of state workers… ie Republicans.  Was the DA stirring up crap on people Perry wants to protect and therefore the cops were watching her 24/7 for the perfect opportunity to embarrass her via arrest and ruin her career?  That’s all just speculation, but that’s how the big boys play their games.  Don’t become an activist seeking public attention or get into political war if you can’t play with the big boys.  So, they now have indicted the ham sandwich Governor of Texas and every news story from now on involving Gov. Rick Perry will have in the first paragraph “indicted” to make sure he is tarred and feathered properly.  This is about 2016.  Do you really think stupid FOX news watching Republicans  or Moderate Democrats would elect a criminally charged Republican politician?  Oh, it’s ok if it’s a black democrat like Marion Berry or other liberal hacks, but not for a God and country Republican sort.

What’s Governor Perry have to say?

RickPAC “Setting the Record Straight”

Breitbart Story on this issue


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