Understanding the Rothschild Family Fortune : How and Why (Full Documentary)

If you have never watched anything explaining how this family became the world financial power brokers, then this short documentary 25 minutes worth is pretty good.  This is how the world is brought into submission.  They financed wars, got countries so in debt to them that they force them to allow a private central bank and then force an income tax system ensuring the loans they make are paid back except you can never pay back the debt completely because there isn’t enough money created to pay it back.  The interest keeps building and building until one day the world is dominated by this damn family.

Once you understand this, then you can understand why some countries are ruined when they refuse to enter into this thieving Central banking system.  This is why Gaddafi was destroyed.  He refused, was trying to create a gold backed African currency, and the Rothschild’s would never allow it!





The Rothschild’s are NOT Jews. They claim to be, and are liars. They are the synagogue of Satan, and they cause much trouble for the real Jews.  The Jews get blamed for all the mischief caused by these money lenders.  Do not fall trap to thinking these are Jews.  Why on earth would they help slaughter to many Jews if they were Jews?  They are not, and they always escape the Pogroms they created

They worship Satan. Here is a picture of Philippine de Rothschild

Who is going down next?  Guess



Wilson knew he screwed up


5 comments on “Understanding the Rothschild Family Fortune : How and Why (Full Documentary)

  1. Far-out. Russia is one of 9. I have been looking for that information forever.

    Just because:

    Now where in the world did that music come from? I want it)))

    Can you help me with that,

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