Fake Ebola Pandemic : Fear 101


I am one to watch for any signs of media created mass fear campaigns, and folks we are watching one happen right now with this Ebola situation.  Think back a couple of years and remember they tried to create another fear campaign over the fake flu pandemic.  We had stories for a couple of years about the 1912 Spanish flu that killed millions worldwide then and how the US government had dug up victims in Alaska who died from it to get that strain of flu again, thus implicating a government created flu false flag!  Nothing came of it despite the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic after a few people died.

Over 200,000 people a year are reported to die from the flu and we don’t have a PANDEMIC declared from it.  Now, do they really die from the flu or do lazy doctors just say they died from the flu if they come into the hospital and later develop a breathing problem and die?  It doesn’t really matter in this case because the point is 200,000 people die and it’s not declared a pandemic!

Ebola is a terrible disease.  People are suffering, and that is tragic.  About a thousand people have died from it.  It’s just as tragic when your loved one dies from the flu, but we don’t have society shut down because of it.  People are being bombarded with Ebola stories and hyped into a state of fear.  Even if 30,000 people have been exposed, it’s still not a pandemic.  We must use caution, but we do not need to have everyone quarantined if they show flu symptoms.  President Obama signed an executive order to do just that! This is more worrisome to me than a possible flu or Ebola outbreak.  The government uses the media and fear to control us.  Instead of a fake terrorist attack we are now in fear of Ebola!  Don’t let this stress you out! Don’t lose your peace.  Enjoy your family and pray for sanity to be restored.


I want you to really think about this situation.  Ebola is curable with nano colloidal silver according to my research.  Do your own research and discover that the government put out information proving that nano particle colloidal silver kills Ebola.  So, if it comes to your area, just get some and stay away from people for a while.  This interview that Alex Jones did with Jon Rappoport covers this and is worth a few minutes of your time to understand it if my words cannot calm your fears.

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