War on Truth : Hamas Caught Lying about Strike

There are so many examples of outright lies regarding Israeli strikes against terrorists.  It might be a picture taken outside of Israel where Arabs have killed other Arabs and the image of a man carrying a terribly injured child has a caption blaming Israel!  Later, the story gets retracted on a back page somewhere saying the image was not from an Israeli strike.  This video footage is a perfect example of such a deliberate lie to make Israel seem as the bad guy.  First, let me say that if terrorists were firing at my children in Florida, and we knew where they were hiding with all their bombs etc., I would not be firing a warning shot to get out!  This is war, and in war you hunt the enemy down and kill them!  Israel however, takes a higher road, and drops a “knock knock” alert on the building to tell them to get out because it’s targeted to be hit.  Hamas has edited the footage to make it appear the warning came only seconds before the actual bomb, thus not giving any fair warning!  Fair warning?  Does Hamas give any fair warnings when they kidnap children, launch rockets into schools and hospitals?  The world is so deluded to defend PLO Arabs against Israel:



from the blaze:

According to a CNN interview earlier this month, there is no standard time between the initial “knock” and when the military generally drops the major bomb. It can be “minutes or even hours.”

If the video was edited, it’s unclear why. Was the news outlet trying to make it appear that Israel is not giving inhabitants ample time? Was it simply edited for time?

Further, other sites have questioned why a camera was set up on the target in the first place. Israel is known to make phone calls to and drop leaflets on intended targets to give civilians a chance to flee. Did the Israelis make a call or drop leaflets, which then prompted some in the area to set up a camera to catch the action?

If the video was deceptively edited, it might make sense given the Watania news outlet’s stated mission: “Watania is born from the reality and the concerns of the Palestinian people in order to publicize their worries, and to transfer the fact to the entire world. Using the best technical capabilities and knowledge.”

Watania did not immediately comment to TheBlaze about the editing accusations.


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