What You are NOT Being Told in Regards to the Invasion South of the Border

You are being shown the 1% compassionate viewpoint of the children coming across our Southern border.  You are not being shown children and adults who are extremely ill with communicable diseases. You are not being shown the gang members who have raped and murdered their way across their country being let into America and let loose because they have no criminal history here!

Would you want a disease infested child in school with your child?  Do you want them in your town?  Where are we supposed to care for thousands of sick people?  How are sick people making it into the country?  This is a planned invasion and it’s happening on purpose.  It is designed to set the stage for chaos in America.  This is why FEMA has built camps, has millions of coffins ready, and the supply of ammunition has been cut off for years now!  Those who refuse to see this will be the first to die in the uprising.  Those who do see it and act upon such knowledge will be labelled as anarchists and terrorists.

You had better put some food, water purifying supplies, medical supplies, and methods to cook that food aside now.  This is not fear mongering, it’s called being a wise steward and protector of YOUR family.

Thank you goes out to John for sharing this video in a reply to another thread.  It’s important that we share information and pray for one another.  Thank you for doing your part.



Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across the Nation (Video)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

It gets worse.

Obama is now dumping contagious disease carrying illegal aliens all across the country.

Arizona’s ABC-15 has reported that illegal aliens are being found with scabies, chicken pox, MRSA, and other contagious viruses.

As we detailed previously, Obama is provoking this deliberate, unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens. His allies are spreading the word that Obama has essentially shut off all immigration enforcement. And in nations like El Salvador and Honduras the media is urging women and children (mainly teenagers) to make the grueling trek to cross the U.S. border, because Obama will never deport them, and they can receive jobs and taxpayer-funded welfare for life.

The problem is, thousands of them are infected with disease, and this is not Ellis Island c. 1914, where immigrants with diseases were quarantined or deported. Under Obama, the border is wide open, and all women and minors are being released into Texas and Arizona, and told to “report” to an immigration hearing in places as far away as Hartford, CT.

The vast majority — more than 75% — never show up, and are thus lost in a town near you — with their diseases unchecked and untreated.  SOURCE


Look how they house them.  I have seen images of Fema camp models with this set-up!  This is a planned crisis folks:







One comment on “What You are NOT Being Told in Regards to the Invasion South of the Border

  1. I need no credits Christina. I’m just happy to share with you something worthy of passing along to a couple of hundred more. …

    Now this is one heavy read!!!


    On my desk top for another 3 reads – over my head right now, and I would not want to be America in this line of thought – the “news” kinda’ says we are just in that place. … Irina accuses me of being too kind and generous with even strangers. I pray she is right. …

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