In That Day : What is going to happen after AC comes?

If you love the word of God and are thirsty, please watch this study.



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  1. I have an issue of the assignment of Russia to being the “the evil one.” Look closely at how America is feeding into this, and who is funding / doing the killing of woman and children near worldwide. … America seems to say “I saved ten today”, when in fact America destroyed / killed this day a hundred, and raised up another thousand in hate of this country, and all by the claiming of said Christian political people in power who caused it, and they say calling upon the Lord “we bring freedom”; the country list of destruction is too long to list here about American’s bringing “Christ & freedom” to them. Has Russia done anything close to that? This man spoke that the Lord knows Paul; how is that? Israel is a country of Jews with no blood line what-so-ever to King David and all others. … The Jews control the world’s financial system totally, and I agree with Henry Ford on his views on that; European Jews from an area known as Georgia today; not the “promised land” what-so-ever.

    Time for a Med-cruise. Care to hop off for a stop & shop in Gaza? Nice beaches there to.

    • Hi John,

      Don’t confuse the Kenites with the Jews. There are Jews in the line of King David in the land. The Kenites claim to be Jews and are not. They run the financial system of this world, and by claiming to be Jews they cause the world to ultimately hate their enemy, Judah. Let’s also not forget the fact that Russia is not so innocent in the affairs of the world either. The leaders of the world are working together to bring about a great end time battle against Israel. I feel very sorry for anyone who sides against Israel because once the dust does settle, accounts will be settled, and many will realize how deceived they were. I trust in the word. I trust in prophecy and I see it playing out even now. I think the next few years will be amazing.

      The bible clearly talks about Russia as Gog, Magog and Rosh. It might not be something you want to see, but they are lining up against Israel as prophesied.

      Buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride!

  2. Hi Christina,

    Right out of the gate I need to say that you have more fingers than the count of books that I have read in my life. This past January I opened the Bible to read, and thus far I have made it through Matthew, Mark, and Luke. I have read the opening of John, and said to myself that this is so heavy that I need go no further until I am in a “quiet spot.” Such a “spot” is hard to fine!

    Also right out of the gate I must say that I have no clue about who the Kanities / Jews are. All I know, and the historian makes the history just as Constantine did make the Bible we read. Two books who personally knew the Lord is all we have. Why?

    Gog, Magog I have heard of. Rosh is new to me as of this day. Are there latitudes and longitudes assigned to Gog and Magog?

    Due to my reading skills, I react to what I see around me such as things like this: who took out a fellow Marine of mine in 3/9 and who does a good job of telling the mystery of Gods creation.

    This is one F…. up world. I hate war beyond any words I could put her to tell the degree of that hate. I do not even own a BB Gun. I said in 1969 that I will not ever harm another. Some large men in years over the years have caused me to, nut once they were down, I quit and they never came back for seconds; I am not proud of that.

    I read everything you publish Christina, I have posted in the reply section that I would attend a church you ministered in, and that remains true to this moment.

    Anyway, the sun has set on this day, and I remain a Putin fan. Sure, he could take out Israel, but I think he will need a huge push to do so. America is the “pusher.”

    Did I ever mention to you that my last flight into Moscow was a plane load of Jews going through Russia on their way to Israel for some holiday that follows Pass Over to get all families together annually? On the flight the man sitting next to me never spoke to me. On departure we spoke when he asked me how to get on the street to meet a friend; he had a ten hour layover and was a US / Israeli citizen, thus needing no visa. I showed him the way and gave him my cell to call his friend who was held up in traffic. He is a diamond dealer in NYC, and said it would be an honor for him if I were to come by. ..? Yes, he does know my faith. I will see him again.


    • John, the New Testament is interesting to me, but when I speak of prophecy, it is mainly all from the Tanach or Old Testament. Those books have existed since way before Constantine, and the dead Sea Scrolls have proved out that at least certain books have not been changed in any significant way, and by that I mean it would be like finding copies of my writings 2500 years from now and all of them are the same but for a comma here or there or a word like “the” or “a” missing here or there, but all the rest is identical and they come from various periods throughout history. The Jewish scribes were required to copy the text letter for letter, and if they made a mistake they threw that parchment away and started over! Their work was meticulously checked by others. I do not think you need to be concerned about the OT at all. I trust only a few books in the NT really. Paul out-right changed the teachings of Yeshua here and there. Most of the NT is a rehash of the OT except for the events in the Gospels, and community issues written of by others. Much of the “teachings” in the NT come straight out of the OT, and you can get a lot of study bibles that point to the sections these teachings come from. My NIV study bible was my main book for probably 3 years until I got into using the Strong’s Concordance and other study tools like the JP Green’s interlinear lexicon of Hebrew and Greek which brings many new things to light such as the actual writing in Hebrew and Greek where you can see where those little jots and tittles are that Jesus spoke about.

      As for the location of countries that is a long study, and one that it appears you might enjoy. I will try to dig up one of Pastor Murray’s old documentaries on the subject if possible. Finding a bible teacher who actually teaches FROM the bible line by line, precept upon precept as the bible tells us to learn is very hard. In regards to loving the Russians or liking Putin, I am in your corner. In fact, I love everyone, and I don’t mean that lightly, but as a political machine, all countries are going to come against Israel eventually. America is also in trouble in this regard because I believe she is the one fulfilling the prophecy of Jacob concerning Ephraim. Enjoy this study on that topic:

      There are lots of studies about this particular section of prophecy.

      Josephus identifies Magog as the Scythians, the ancestors of what is known as Russia today. It’s not just some idea thrown out there by some bible reading nut job. These areas were known by various names throughout history. I will post a video about the lost tribes of Israel that goes into some of this stuff. As always, I love hearing from you my dear friend.

  3. PS:

    Could the “north” not be the EU? A falling puppet of ours?

    In 1945 England handed the torch over to America, and America not only did not skip a step, America took it to a double times march.

    Russia if not pushed will not be the cause. However. When pushed, as Neapolitan and Hitler will attest, she shall do the deed to end the pusher[s].

    Night night,
    Love You,

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