Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane as Cover for Dropping Bombs!

Well, I’ve been holding off on doing a post on the downed Jet over the Ukraine.  Lots of people have speculated on it being the missing Malaysian jet they never found and suddenly used in a false flag to frame Russia.  I have no proof of anything, but this tidbit of information seems the most likely explanation.  I can see the Ukrainians hiding behind a civilian jet as Hamas hides behind women and children as they fire off rockets at Israel daring them to hit back.  Well, maybe Russia is not one to be toyed with, and has no problem firing back.  I am sure they did not want to shoot down a passenger airline.  For all I know it is that missing Malaysian jet and some Ukrainian / CIA pilot was flying it  and snuck off all James Bond style after it was hit.


We won’t know the truth in this matter, but my gut tells me the Ukrainians were using it as cover.


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