Britain Arrests 660 Pedophiles

After the Jimmy Savile story broke where women came forward claiming he had molested them, it appears Britain has decided to take some action.  Of course the really big political pedos were not taken down.  No, they will take down the little people to satisfy the cry for justice, but at least it’s getting some of these perverts away from the children. Here is the story:

Britain arrests 660 suspected paedophiles during six-month operation

Doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers were among those detained in the action, which involved 45 police forces around the United Kingdom.

The NCA said more than 400 children had been “safeguarded” thanks to the operation.

“This is the first time the UK has had the capability to coordinate a single targeted operation of this nature,” NCA Deputy Director General Phil Gormley said in a statement.

“Some of the people who start by accessing indecent images online go on to abuse children directly. So the operation is not only about catching people who have already offended – it is about influencing potential offenders before they cross that line.”

Of the 660 people arrested, 39 were Registered Sex Offenders, meaning they already had a conviction for a sex crime. However, the majority, some of whom had unsupervised access to children, were not known to authorities.

The NCA, Britain’s equivalent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, came into operation last October with the aim of better coordinating police action on issues such as child sex abuse and organised crime.

Britain has been shaken in recent years by revelations that some of its best known celebrities from the 1970s and 1980s were involved in child sex abuse.

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris was jailed this month for repeatedly abusing young girls, while police revealed in 2012 that the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile had been a prolific child abuser.

The revelations have prompted a flood of accusations from people who say they were sexually abused as children.

After a series of allegations that the political establishment systematically covered up child abuse by a number of well-known politicians in the 1980s, Prime Minister David Cameron‘s government launched an inquiry last week to find out whether public institutions had failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

However, the NCA said the current operation was not aimed at historical crimes.

It was unable to detail how many suspects had been charged, saying inquiries were continuing. But those who had been charged were accused of offences ranging from possessing indecent images of children to serious sexual assault.

“The vast majority of forces around England and Wales are dealing with an unprecedented increase in the number of reports of sexual abuse of children,” said Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the National Policing Lead for Child Protection and Abuse Investigations.

“Forces are investigating exploitation of children and young people by groups and gangs, non-recent abuse including large scale investigations into abuse in institutions over many years and sexual abuse by parents and family members.”

(Reporting by Michael Holden, editing by John Stonestreet)  Source


If you are interested in the webbot reports, I did another piece on this pedo problem.

JSNIP – Paedophile ring,Webbot Report,INSIDER Dealing planned Economic collapse


This has been an ongoing problem for decades.  The government is tied to it as they use sexual abuse to create mind control subjects.  I know it sounds incredible, but if you have never truly investigated it, then you are ignorant and it’s by choice.  You can choose to remain ignorant to keep your comfortable belief that the world really isn’t this bad, but it does not change the truth as revealed by so many who have lived through the nightmare of it.

Government Child Abuse by Design – How it Works


SOURCE and More reading

The Martial Arts Council for the Protection of Children website has been created to inform All Martial Artists and All Warriors of Truth and Justice of the Clandestine Networks of Government Child Abuse in Australia, U.K. and Worldwide.

For us to fully comprehend these brutal atrocities upon innocent children, we must first do our own independent research to see clearly behind the collective pathological lies and deceit within the hierarchies of our corrupt Secret Society Masonic-Elite-run Government Corporations.

The Planning, Orchestration and Implementation of these ‘Child Abuse by Design’ Networks and the systematic Cover-ups, includes the collaboration of:

Corrupt High level Freemasonic Police and Corrupt Child Protection Services: Corrupt Freemasonic Justice Systems and (anti) Family Courts: Media Dis-information and Truth Blackouts: Freemasonic Pathological-lying-Politicians and Corrupt Legislation: Forced Psychiatric Incarceration, Abuse and Poisoning.

Then there is also, the well protected Vatican pedophile priests – who are also Freemasons.


However, the Mastermind Hierarchies of these Government Pedophile Rings involves (anti-society) ‘Black-Operation Units’ within our very own Military Intelligence – Secret Police – who are in reality, a Criminal Cult Cabal.

To keep the ‘Status Quo’ of running these clandestine Child Abuse Networks the way they always have, and to make sure the masses of society – ‘Never Find Out’, involves: 24hr Surveillance, Intimidation, Threats, Assaults, Entrapment, Stitch-ups, Imprisonment, and Brutal Murders of Whistle-blowers and Eye-witnesses – with absolute impunity – by those very government agencies who falsely proclaim they exist to protect us and our Children.

When we as a society, fully understand the numerous sinister ‘organized crimes’ and covert agendas that are presently being enforced upon our children, then and only then will we be able to truly protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

Knowledge and Action is Power:

To Protect All Children from Harm – Please Research and Become Informed!

In Truth and Justice, George Hardy Farquhar

Independent Researcher, Investigator, Whistle-blower, Child Protection Activist





One comment on “Britain Arrests 660 Pedophiles

  1. To George Hardy Farquar, sorry , I was unable to find your email again. I sent you some messages, over a year ago now , this is Liza Mirnada Fulmer here . my new email is my back has been broken for years now, numerous more incidents involving pedophiles since the time I sent you mesages. I still have diabetes , staving off diabetic coma, will to live , lot’s of creative projects , doing hydro plyo’s / laps to regain fitness. Am trying hard . Still in unsafe home in Randwick. Just did a 9 month escape from Sydney tour . Numerous incidents involving suspect pedophiles and the creme da le creme , Robert Harris the psycho whose first intent to attempt on me at the top of the stirs at 20 illawong avenue Sth. Bondi was at 7 yrs old had the hide to turn up to Darwin airport on the 01/08/2015 flight 5:05 am Malaysian airlines, gteting ready to board my flight , on what I told friends / family could be last holiday due to angina , severe chest pains. Filthy scum bag , was also over heard telling the check in staff that his mconjnecting flight was to none other than Manila, (MY CONNECTING FLIGHT.) i PUT A COMPLAINT IN WRITING TO aIRPORT sECUIRTY GAURD. PRAVEEN PATEL REQUESTING THAT CCTV FOOTAGE BE KEPT ASIDE , AS HARRIS SUPPOSEDLY DIED IN 2010 AFRE SERVINGA 10 YEARS SENTENCE. yOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO ASK PRAVEEN pATEL FOR A COPY OF THAT 3 PAGE COMPLAINT. mIGHT WANT TO FURTHER HAVE SOMEONE OBTAIN A COPY OF LIST OF ALL PASSENGERS NAMES, SORT THE IDIOTS OUT …. tHE dARWIN AIRPORT FEDERAL POLICE , CONST . ANGELA WINNETT AND A DAVID PREBODY DID PULL HARRIS/ PSYCHO BOY ASIDE, BUT LATER INDICATED NO CHARGES HAD BEEN LAID, ( I HAD TO FORFEIT MY FLIGHTSAND AFTRE SPENDING THE LITTLE BIT OF MONEY i HAD ON MORE ACCOMODATION, i WAS LEFT TO SLEEP IN THE PARK , AFTER HAVING A MILD HEART ATTACK AND HYPO AT THE DARWIN eMERGENY WARD. ) EVEN AFTER NUMEROUS COMPLANITS TO COPS / ICAC/ PIC. omb AND A VETOED AVO APP. AT WAVERLEY COURT HOUSE IN SYDNEY AND THE START OF A LOUSY VCT CLAIM , WHICH THEY SENT BACK A REJECTION NOTICE FOR , BEFORE i HAD EVEN GONE THROUGH THE LOUSY 2 HOURS COUNSELLING OR EVEN REPORTED EVERY INCIDENT AKA 11 INTENTS TO ATTEMPT TO KILL ME STALKING APPROACHES, AS WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE NOT TURNING UP TO SAY HELLO … pLEASE SEND ME POSITIVE SELF HELP SUGGESTIONS, ASI DO NOT THINK THAT COP SCUM WANT TO DEAL WITH ABOUT 58 ALL UP ATTEMPTS TO KILL ME / MY SON, INLCUDING THE 15 ATTEMPST BY THE LITTLE SHORT NUT CASE, RECOGNISED ONCE AGAIN, EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, FROM A TEN SECOND LOOK i HAD AT A PHOTO WITHIN THE BAG OF EVIDENCE ( POSING WITH HIS ARM AROUND A NUDE ASIAN BOY.) WHICH EXPOSED FILTH PEDDLERS ROBERT ( dolly ) dUNN , PHILLIP BELL , COLIN JOHN FISK, ROBERT HARRIS , CERTAIN DIPLOMATS TO NAME A FEW, SO THIS IS NO JOKE … LITTLE SHORT NUT CASES DESCRIPTION ONCE AGAIN, IS ABOUT 5FT NOTHING, VERY SHORT , LONG FACE , LONG NOSE, NOW WHITE HAIR, SOMETIMES HAS A SHORT NEAT MUSTACHE , PIERCING BLUE EYES, SLIM BUILD, 65-75 YEARS OLD, VERY FAIR , WHITE , ALABASTER COMPLEXTION ..ABOUT 4 DECADES OF ABUSING KIDS UNDER HIS BELT AS A REASON TO KILL ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY HIM.. MY SON AND I WERE LUCKY TO HAVE SURVIVED THE 2-3 ATTEMPTs IN AMERICA IN 1998 , YES THAT IS RIGHT 1998, 18 YEARS AGO, LET ALONE THE HOME INTRUSION IN RANDWICK, WHERE I WAS SUFFOCATED AND LEFT FOR DEAD.. AN DTHE 14 APPROACHES AFTER WARDS. MOST COMPLAINTS/ INICIDENTS FURTHERED TO icac IF ANYONE WOULD CARE TO READ THOSE COMPLIANTS. aS MY LIFES CONTINUANCY IS UNCERTAIN, i AM FURTHER GOING TO ASKA FOR A FULL COPY TO BE SENT TO GEORGE AMONGST OTHER PERSONS, IN THE HOPE, THAT SEEING AS AUTHORITIES CANNOT BRING JUSTICE FOR US WHILST WE ARE ALIVE, THEN A.D MAYBE .. CAUTION EVERYINE , IT HAS NOW BEEN WORKED OUT THAT THE ‘LITTLE SHORT NUT CASE’ WHOM IS A VERY CUNNING Dangerous psychopath possibly has a very similar loooking brother , almost twin like, and another very similar , possibly older brother / cousin etc. Watch out cause these scum bags have a lot at stake… numerous requests for a face sketch / ident kit to be put together of this mad man. who had no qualms in stalking and finding us in America , from Australian Police, PIC to Intrepol.. looks as though whomever it was that indicated that obvious as dogs b**l’s to me pedophiles are smarter than the average person may have been onto something, or smarter than the average dumb cop, about 10 of which have been ask to put a face sketch together . we of the dumb cop mentality , putting others at risk of harm, intrerrupting out survival through negligence …. anyone want to put face sketch together of a f******n psychopath who has had that many attempts , I now think he wants to help me…..

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