The True Cost of Illegal Immigration


What is Illegal Immigration doing to your family?  I can’t blame them for wanting into America where we give money away for all sorts of dreamed up illnesses.  We provide shelter, food, clothing, education, health care to people who just keep having children with no father to take care of them. In fact, we discourage a low income woman from having a responsible father to help raise his children by providing all the benefits we do if they don’t have a father in the home.  So, why wouldn’t those in other countries just south of the border want in on that deal?

The fact that they are destroying the very country they want to become a part of  doesn’t mean a damn thing to them.  Liberals love them because they promise free stuff to everyone who will vote for them, but as we know,




We are watching the final days of America.  Cloward and Piven told us what they would do to destroy America so the world could be on big happy Communist utopia. Of course, some animals are always more equal than others!


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