Media Messages Hidden in Plain Sight : Judgement Day

I have not been focusing on the latest movies and their clandestine messages meant for the sheeple and to ease the overlords karmic debts.  If you are not used to my blog then you have not seen other posts dealing with the hidden messages in our media.  There is a segment of very powerful leaders in our world whom you will never see.  These players do not run for office, they tell those in office what to do. They are Luciferians and they have some strange idea that if they tell you they are going to do some very bad thing and you don’t stop them, then if you die or suffer, it’s your own fault.  Of course, that’s ridiculous, but it’s something they believe in so they pepper their plans all over the media.

This has already been well proved about 9/11 and how that date and information about the attack against the twin towers and pentagon was in movies and magazines as long as a decade before the event! I came across a newer video that seems to be giving out a different clandestine message about judgement day coming.  I think this video is only for those who don’t live in fear.  Something like this can really upset people who do not have a strong faith and knowledge of their soul position.  It is important to know that your time of choosing based on faith is coming to a close.  Those who truly do love Yeshua (Jesus) and confess him as their savior will be part of the first resurrection.  All the rest will know the truth and have to make a different choice over the next 1000 years.


It’s all in the bible if you know the keys, and that was what Yeshua meant when he gave Peter the keys.  If you know what they are then you can find the plan throughout the bible layed out so clearly that once you see it you wonder how you could have ever missed it.  If you don’t know what these keys are, then search this blog for Kenites, the Plan, the Hour of Temptation, and you might figure it out.  It’s not a grand secret for we were given the truth in so many ways, just as the evil ones who love Lucifer give out their plans in so many ways.  We truly will be without excuse on the real judgment day.


If you are into symbolism, at the Vigilant Citizen, there is an interesting article on Lady Gaga symbolism with links to take you further into the music video industry. There are many youtube vids about music industry symbolism etc, so if that interests you than you will be busy for weeks… literally.

Lady Gaga


What I find amusing to some degree is the fact that while the elites (bloodline children) think they are about to begin the next and final phase of their world domination plan they are completely blind to the fact they are fulfilling prophesy to the “T”.  Can you imagine how excited they must feel as they are about to tear down the greatest nation the world has ever known with the freedoms and opportunity offered to mere common folk only to know that the final act has already been written and they still don’t get it?  These Luciferian bloodline children actually think they are about to create their perfect world where they rule openly and their father, Lucifer, is worshiped and glorified.  They think they are about to rid the world of the last vestiges of Abraham’s kids and that nasty offshoot, Christianity.  They really think they can do it, and they are doing everything the bible says they would do, and if you don’t see it, then pray for some eyes to see.  (That was a clue…. I feel bad for saying it, but if you have  some knowledge you will find 8 facts to point to the truth out of that last sentence.)

It’s time to pop some corn, get a coke, and sit back for the final climactic shows to conclude.  This is going to be one few will see, most will live through, and sadly not even know it.


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