DOW 17,000: This is Your 1929 Moment

This is a key moment to recognize. We are about to see the greatest collapse of the markets that will dwarf 1929 events.  If you have stocks sell them now and convert to gold and silver, and resources YOU WILL NEED!  We are about to be rocked by natural and man made disasters.  You have been warned.





We are watching a “melt up”.  We will see a hyper inflationary collapse due to the destruction of our economy.  The money managers are raking in millions of dollars, changing their dollars into gold, precious metals and other currencies.  We are creating money out of thin air.  This is worse than the Weimar Republic.  You won’t get a loaf of bread for $1000.00 if they don’t change course, but of course they cannot change.

The moment the Fed lets up on money printing we will collapse.

Your 401k is a joke. Your savings are a joke.  You think you have thousands in savings?  Guess again, the moment the market collapses and the Fed stops printing money, everything will collapse.  You are living in a dream and don’t realize it’s your worst nightmare.




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