Buddhists Murder 241 Christians

We always hear about how Buddhists practice non-violence.  They wouldn’t hurt a fly or any living thing we are told, and yet apparently it’s ok to murder 241 Christians.

Why don’t we ever hear about this all out assault against Christians?  Where are the stories of Christians rising up against other religions and slaying them? When was the last time you heard about a gang of Christians killing a bunch of Muslims and burning down their mosques or hacking up a bunch of Buddhists and setting their temple ablaze while shouting “Praise Jesus!”

From Freedom Outpost

The Buddhists are using their Buddhist blasphemy law in order to help Islamic blasphemy law in Pakistan. As our Pakistani contact informed us:

2nd Week of June, 2014 Sri-Lanka Started Arresting the Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers, without arrest warrants from native country through Interpol.

Two months ago Pakistani intelligence agencies started off loading Christians from there confirm flights of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand. More than 800 Pakistani Christians were unlawfully off loaded from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore Airports.

It was the start of Crack down; Later on they used some so-called Christian politicians and Church leaders to collect the data of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers from Sri-Lanka and Thailand.
Sri-Lankan authorities arrested 1,500 Asylum seekers according to the NEWS.

Rescue Christians has moved 100s of people to Sri-Lanka , Thailand and other South Asian Countries if these victims were deported back to Pakistan then the level of the persecution will be rise in few days.

Pakistani Authorities are also working a similar action in Thailand and Malaysia, however our team leader in Thailand is working on this important issue.

Pakistan will charge these Christians with high treason cases. And there is NO guarantee of their lives. Please stand with us to Save Christianity in Middle East and East Asia .

Rescue Christians has brought many Christians into Sri Lanka, but now the tides of hope are shifting, and the devils of both Buddhism and Islam are cooperating to destroy Christian lives. As our Lord tells us:

How can Satan cast out Satan? And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end. (Mark 3:23-27)

Muslims and Buddhists are working together to destroy the lives of 1500 Christians.

The Buddhist nation of Sri Lanka is driving out from its country 1500 Pakistani Christians back to Pakistan where they will be either imprisoned or executed.

Local news in Sri Lanka said that “These people were to be deported because of their alleged involvement in ‘anti-state activities’ in India and Pakistan”.

By “Anti-state activities” they of course mean the Christians’ affronting the state religion of Sri Lanka, Buddhism. Here is a video that Shoebat.com previously posted showing a line of dead Christians murdered by Buddhists in Sri Lanka:


One more incident:

From FoxNews:
…Shaloom Nazir, 14, was getting ready for Bible study at the 100-year-old church when the bombers struck just before noon.
In an instant he lost his mother, father, sister, brother and uncle.
“I was going to sit down in the church for a Bible class when I heard the explosion, so I ran out,” Shaloom Nazir told AFP, his voice choked with grief, his eyes fixed lifelessly on some distant point.
“There were about 300 people lying on the ground. I recognised my mother, I took her in my arms.”
It was to no avail — she later died of her injuries…..
…….”We have been treated like sinners. We have no lands, we have no factories, we have no business,” said Saleem Haroon, who came to see two wounded cousins at Peshawar’s main Lady Reading hospital.
“It is a new war. Before, the Shias were the target, but now we are the target. They want to create a new battle, a new battleground.”
In a corner of a room at the hospital, the blood of some of the victims mingled on the tiled floor with rubbish and dirty water.
“We are just sweepers and still we have been treated like this. Look over there in the washroom,” he said, gesturing angrily at the mess.  “If all the Christians die, who will clean it? All the sweepers died yesterday.”……..

It’s a war on Christianity.  Read more here.


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