The War on America : The Militarization of the Police


The trend over the last twenty years to increasingly turn our police into a standing army has come with tragic results.  Too many Americans have had their rights trampled, their homes invaded on “No Knock” search warrants, animals killed, family murdered all in the name of the war on drugs and serving the people.  You don’t see these tactics carried out in the upper middle class neighborhoods despite petty drug use going on their.


This sort of heavy handed steroid crazed behavior is reserved for the poor neighborhoods.  It often happens to people who are not involved in the drug scene.  It could be your daughters boyfriend is visiting or your new wife’s little brother sold $50.00 worth of drugs to someone and you get your home raided at 3:00 am.  They bang open the door, toss in flash bangs, shoot your animals and sometimes you if you happen to have grabbed a gun or not!  This is a repeat of Germany under the Waffen SS and Gestapo.  These are paid for thugs who do the bidding of their overlords.

SWAT Team Shoots Veteran
22 Times
Jose Guerena, a 26-year-
old Iraq war veteran,
returned home and crawled
into bed after working the
graveyard shift at the Asarco
Mission mine. Around
9:30am, his wife became
nervous when she heard
strange noises and saw the
outline of a man standing outside her window.
She woke Guerena, who asked his wife to hide
in a closet with their 4-year-old son. Guerena
picked up his rifle, with the safety on, and went
to investigate. A SWAT team fired 71 shots at
Guerena, 22 of which entered his body and
killed him. Guerena died on his kitchen floor,
without medical attention. The SWAT officers
raided multiple homes in the neighborhood,
and in another home they did find a small
bag of marijuana. No drugs were found in the
Guerenas’ home.
Imagine these men serve a man like Hitler and are just following orders.  Don’t you feel safe?  What if your beliefs are the ones now not allowed? What if you are now called a “terrorist” because you spoke against your government.  Imagine the next President takes what Barack Obama has done and amps it up a little bit more.  All these actions have taken place UNDER Obama.
Who in the hell are they rescuing with this?
SWAT Officer Shoots
Grandfather of Twelve
Eurie Stamp was in his
pajamas, watching a
baseball game, when SWAT
officers forced a battering
ram through his front door
and threw a flashbang
grenade inside. Stamp, a
68-year-old grandfather
of twelve, followed the
officers’ shouted orders to
lie facedown on the floor with his arms above
his head. He died in this position, when one of
the officers’ guns discharged. Stamp wasn’t
the suspect; the officers were looking for his
girlfriend’s son on suspicion of selling drugs. The
suspect was arrested outside the home minutes
before the raid. Even though the actual suspect
didn’t live in Stamp’s home and was already in
custody, the SWAT team still decided to carry out
the raid. Framingham has since disbanded its

SWAT team.

I am not normally a huge fan of the ACLU, but they have put together a study on what SWAT teams and the police have been doing in recent years.  It’s a detailed study with examples like I shared, and other data that reveals the militarization of our police and what that means to average Americans.  I encourage you to read the study, share it, and help bring some shame upon those in law enforcement who believe terrorizing their neighbors and claiming to be protecting them is wrong.
If you are in law enforcement, then I ask you to help restore faith in your profession.  Help turn the tide of lawlessness, savage behavior, and brutal murders at the hands of the police.
Read the ACLU Study

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