UN Vehicles Seen Being Transported in June…. False Flag Event???

This is an interesting bit of information.  Why all the talk about a new 9/11.  Why all the border problems with Mexico now? Our military is across the world, and who is going to protect the homeland?  ISIS and Islam in the news daily.  Not sure, but it does look like we are being primed to hate Islam all over again, and ready for collapse:



We hear of these illegals carrying diseases and I wonder if we are about to see a massive outbreak that will be blamed on these aliens.  It’s time to pray and be prepared.  Have water purification and collection systems.  Have food and medicine handy.  Have fuel in your vehicles and don’t get caught up in any panic situations.  Should they arise lay low.  Have means to cook without power.  I am just a realist and if we have a natural crisis or riots and violence, it is best to not be caught up in it.


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