The Psy Op Writers and Info distributors

The Art of Deception Goal is to Erode Trust

Anytime I link to an article that I find interesting, I try to check out the sources for their material.  One of my blog posts is getting some traction right now, and it deals with an article I found on National Report.  I don’t know if I am onto something here or not about National Report being a possible clearing house to put out propaganda and distraction pieces.  If you will note the name of that articles reporter / writer is “Chase Logan”.   I then clicked on their politics page and saw a chemtrail post that looked interesting. It was written by this guy named “Matt Rock”.  It linked to a site calling itself the Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) and it’s url is

That article linked by Matt Rock was written by Matt Stone.

You see, the really awkward thing about writing and researching is to know what is utter BS vs the grains of truth.  National Report is a satirical site posing as a real news site.   I have a huge problem with this sort of disinformation.  How is a researcher supposed to know what is serious journalism with articles about important topics linking to independent sources like craigslist and other sites that may or may not be satirical or having piece posted by the same guy like “Matt Rock / Matt Stone”.

Then when the lid is blown off the deception, it’s not just the site that loses it’s credibility, it’s the topics it covers and any other sites that did not catch onto the game.

I looked up National Report and wiki has a page about it.  national report


Does this look like a joke?  Does this look like you can tell it’s a satire site?  We all know the Onion is satire, but this has zero markers that it’s a fake news site.  It does not mean all of it’s facts are fake, but if you take this at face value it’s not to be a trusted site.   Here is what got me going on this little scheme of create more distrust and disinfo:

I scrolled down the politics page and came across that story on killing the report about chemtrails.  I clicked on the report, and it’s written by Matt Rock, and linked to another site as I explained above.  Here are the images:

matt rock

So I clicked on the “View all posts by Matt Rock, and came to see this page:


Matt rock page


I noticed his article on the “Company openly marketing apparent chemtrail device” and clicked it to find in it there was a link to the WIT site:

matt rock chemtrail device

I clicked the “Seen here” and found the WIT site:

Matt rock or matt stone


Does anything strike you as satire here?  I have no way to prove Dr. Matt Stone, PHD is Matt Rock, but it seems to me we have a case where a disinfo agent is quite possibly working for the government, writing articles under various names, finds it quite funny to use a similar last name as if thinking to himself, “These people are too stupid to realize the psy op being played on them”. is a proxy owned site.  Here is the link for regarding that site.

Just read their “projects” page and you will know this is another satire site.  Most people just read an article linked and don’t investigate further.  It is quite apparent that these sites are frauds in regards to news, and are simply a means to put forth propaganda or link to real stories and gum up the works so much that you don’t know what to believe or disbelieve because of their fraud, and that is the real goal.

It appears the “Matt stone / Matt Rock” is the real disinfo agent, and has put together the WIT site to link other articles to give credence to his propaganda.  I wonder how this guy sleeps at night know he is making money by deception.  Here were his articles at WIT that shows he did a lot more than just write stories.  He put it all together.


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