Blasting the Hypocrites and Liars

I think everyone in major media and politics is pretty much part of the problem.  We are watching circuses of Roman proportions while the empire crumbles.  Nonetheless, it does feel good to hear the hypocrites and liars called to task even if it is to further foment division.  I for one am sick of being lied to and no body being held accountable. I can think of at least 100 government officials and people in the major media who should be in jail for aiding and abetting the destruction of America.  Common sense and truth has been spoken by some. For those like me who just want to see some good ol’ ass chewing and butt whoopin these videos are for you?















Remember this one?  Did anyone get held accountable?  NO!





2 comments on “Blasting the Hypocrites and Liars

  1. You are a Grunt. Semper Fi; JR

    After these “stiff ones”, see you on skype provided I still have your address –


    • Hey there John! Long time between posts. Look me up on Skype Chris.w652. I have been busy trying to get this ecig business going. You know any venture capitalists who want to create the next empire to end the tobacco / pharma fraud?

      Semper Fi as always….


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