Yellowstone Getting More Active

I follow several natural events from the rising magma, land and earthquakes at Yellowstone, fish die offs worldwide, and the Louisiana Salt Dome quakes.  Right now, I am getting more and more updates on how active Yellowstone is getting.  Here is one video:


Recent developments pointing to possible controlled eruption ?  Mary has been monitoring Yellowstone for a long time:



This next video points to the fact that it appears the government is concerned enough about Yellowstone to move nuclear weapons out of the region:



Here is the fly over this month (June 2014) in Louisiana.  This sinkhole is just continuing to grow and we hear nothing from the media about it:

Here are images as it has progressed:







Nothing to see, move along folks!  I just wonder if there will be a slow eating away of the state of Louisiana or a sudden catastrophic collapse of the salt domes with a huge explosion from the butane stored up in them.


When I think of getting to the truth and what our government says to us, this song plays in my mind as politicians start speaking on camera:



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