The Real Reason Kent Hovind when to Prison






Kent Hovind is a well known creationist pastor who ruffled a lot of feathers nationally.  Up until he went to prison on a tax issue (not tax evasion as many say) he was doing 900 speeches a year!  He gave away his cd’s and spoke for free.  His ministry grew and he followed some bad advice and the government went after him after it was revealed that he was doing more than talking about the bible.  In fact, he was blowing the lid off of the lies so many have been indoctrinated with about our government and how the world really works.


This short video covers a few of the topics he spoke about in his own words.  I am well versed in everyone of these topics as I was involved in exposing this stuff in the early 1990’s and personally saw people get targeted by the federal government in sting operations and sent off to prison.  For the most part I was left alone as I only was on the radio for 3 hours a day a few times a week on a 50,000 watt station here in Tallahassee Florida.  Everything Mr. Hovind is speaking about on this video is 100% true no matter how crazy it sounds.  Truly, reality is much stranger than fiction folks, and if you want to see what happens to someone who gets a LOT of national attention, then watch the next two videos:


Mr. Hovind’s son speaks about current events and talks about why his father was really sent to prison, what he was actually convicted of.  Start at the 8 min mark if you want to avoid the discussion on the topics Hovind is known for and get to the actual charges.


I personally hope Mr. Hovind gets out of jail very soon, and can resume his debating and preaching.  While in prison, the Lord has used Dr. Hovind to win 400 new souls to Messiah, and while I am sure Dr. Hovind would have rather not been in prison, he is awfully glad to have been used there to reach some precious souls our Father loves and who might have never heard and understood the truth had Dr. Hovind not been there.  I don’t have to agree with anyone on everything to love and support them as a brother or sister in Messiah.  Dr. Hovind is entitled to his various viewpoints, and it was his political ones that landed him in prison.  Just think of it, he got an extra 5 years for no good reason except the Judge could do it!  The President just let loose murderers who are illegal aliens onto our streets, and yet we hold a creation preaching minister in prison for 10 years!  The judgement coming upon America cannot happen soon enough in my humble opinion.  Whether I live or die, whether my children live or die, I know we are destined for a better place where justice, love, peace and unity in truth prevail!  God bless you Dr. Hovind!

The plan to discredit you will fail once you are free to preach the gospel again!

Evolutionists hate this fact. They use circular reasoning to prove fossils and strata. They date the strata by the fossils in them and the fossils by where they find them in the strata! How can a scientist be ok with this?


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