Collapse of America has Begun

People keep wondering if America will collapse.  That is the first clue to the problem we are facing because America is collapsing.  From economy, healthcare, illegal immigration out of control, infrastructure of bridges, roads, water supply all failing already!  It’s not a question of when folks!  America that existed and offered to the next generation better lifestyle in the 1970’s is no longer a reality.

The middle class is being destroyed, and that is the backbone of America.  Are some making it rich still? Sure, but how are the majority doing?  How are your family members doing?  Do you take a 30 day vacation every year?  That used to be the norm folks, but we have been trained to think a week or two is wonderful!  Could your family pay for a $5000.00 emergency right now? What would it do to your safety net?

Do you really think sending your child to college with a $100,000.00 debt after four years will bring them a successful career?  America is burning, and our politicians are all playing a fiddle as they argue back and forth pointing fingers and accusing anyone who questions the President of being a racist!  Our rights are disappearing, we are becoming a police state, and you are watching it happen.  I feel as helpless as you do folks.  When will you be arrested for speaking your mind to your towns hearing or school board meeting?


Watch this video, share this blog post on twitter and face book or whatever media you choose.  The hour is so much later than most realize, and the 5,000 year storm is about to hit.  It’s been long in the planning, and the elite are ready to bind us all into their new system of control.  You will be told where to live, what to eat, what  you can drink, where you can work, and they will shoot you up with any injection they feel is necessary for the people to be “safe”.  You can thank the 1960’s generation who preached against the control of the government who now is in control and has no problem dictating your life to you.



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