4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado

I love it when someone brings a knife to a gun fight.  By that, I am referring to someone entering into a debate against someone else who is truly armed with facts and the truth and all they have are lies and misinformation.

I am a fan of Dutchsince, and he has the goods on what is going on in Colorado.  He has the satellite images of fracking operations and well data showing there has been drilling operations (Fracking) in the region for many years, and yet people are going onto his site and channel claiming he is lying.  Watch this video.  If you are in the region, get the heck out!


This is all about CYA for the energy companies and government.  They don’t want to be liable for the lost lives and property when this stuff blows sky high or covers towns with liquified sand due to fracking ruptures / earthquakes.  Again, see who has facts vs who has nothing but lies to share.

Could we see some real calamity from Yellow Stone?  Here is a short video about what’s going on there:



The government is moving the nukes out of the Yellow Stone region:


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