Government Owns it All : America is Already Communist

Tallahassee has billions hidden in their Statement of Net worth otherwise called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and so does your city and all government sections.

I have many posts on this blog about the CAFR.  I recommend searching it out or going to youtube and other search areas to find out what is going on.  We are living in the biggest lie imaginable regarding money and wealth.  We literally do not need to ever tax another American again, and we could fund every need in America just by managing these funds properly and openly.  We won’t have that happen because the power brokers want us broke so we demand a new system, and they have one ready for us.  It’s just like the old zoos that kept animals in small concrete block houses and then the people demanded a new zoo.  Now, the animals live on large expanses of land enclosed so we can watch them in our safe vehicles that go around the “African Safari” section.  They have the same thing planned for us stupid sheeple.

We will demand a new system as this one implodes by the controllers actions causing it to fall apart.  We don’t have a money problem. We have a controller problem, and we outnumber them a million to 1.

Old Zoo

New Berlin Zoo




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