Crisis Actors needed for Simulation June 27, 28, & 29th Atlanta Area

UPDATE 6/20/14

While all the information was verified about this ad on craigslist, it appears it could all have been a ruse to stir people up.  For all I know, the writer of the article at National Report might have placed the craigslist ad himself, and used that to build his disinfo article.  Please read this post I just put up about National Report and their writers credibility.


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So, they are having another drill.  Is this for a false flag or real exercise?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Now that it’s being reported though, I can’t imagine anything actually happening that day worth noting, but who knows how arrogant the controllers are feeling now.

Article from National Report

Atlanta Craigslist Ad Seeks Crisis Actors for “Mass Casualty Exercise”

<National Report>Atlanta, GA–Residents of the Atlanta area are seeking answers this evening following the publishing of a Craigslist ad seeking crisis actors for a “simulation of a mass casualty exercise.”  The ad was posted at approx 7:45pm EST and is seeking individuals to take part in a simulated “large scale disaster” June 27-29th.

The U.S. government is known to use “professional actors” to depict victims in simulations of large scale attacks.  According to an ABC News, “professional actors play the roles of victims” followed by media coverage to disseminate the supposed “disaster”.

National Report spoke with Nathan Bowles, founder of the website, who had the following to say:  “The government hires crisis actors for a variety of reasons.  This could be nothing more than a routine exercise, or could be something more nefarious in nature.  Similar ads were identified following the incident at Sandy Hook, the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the mass shooting at Fort Hood.  Our governments use of these types of crisis actors is well documented and should not be taken lightly.”

The full ad can be viewed by clicking here.



I noticed an uptick in the number of views of this blogpost, and so I went to check the link to Craigslist, and it has now been flagged for removal. I guess they know it’s exposed to some degree now, and honestly if anything bad were going to happen, I believe it’s not likely to now on these dates.  Thanks for liking and sharing this.  I consider it an honor to be a thorn in the jackwads sides who seek to control the people.




4 comments on “Crisis Actors needed for Simulation June 27, 28, & 29th Atlanta Area

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    • Of course some drills are just drills. The problem I have is there are also always drills going on when the big event takes place ala 9/11, London Bombings on 7/7, and the Boston Marathon just to name a few… oh yes, lets not forget Sandy Hook was having a drill within a couple of miles away that day dealing with all things a lone gunman killing children in a school. See my point?

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