Progressive Racism “White Privilege”


Rape is Not Intrinsically Evil



One Black Woman’s Perspective


The cognitive dissonance amongst these progressives is staggering!  They denounce capitalism all while selling t-shirt and programs at exorbitant rates!  They denounce segregation in our society while having separate “classes” at their conference where whites are put in one room and people of color in another room!  They are hypocritical beyond belief, and they are so blind they cannot see it even when it’s shows to their faces!

Christianity is attacked as white privilege.  The terrible acts done under the guise of Christianity hundreds of years ago are harped upon while the current acts committed against Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood are deemed political and not a problem.

This is what your children and grand-children are being taught by these evil leftist progressives in state sponsored propaganda camps (public schools), and you wonder why we have a problem with children being obedient, learning, or caring about anyone or anything?  Share this on your social media outlets. Do not let this surreptitiously (That means hidden/ sneaky) filmed video go unnoticed!


Read the article.


These are the “Partner” organizations funding this crap:

Speakers Bureau – Partner Organizations


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