U.S. Energy and Mining Production : THE THORIUM PROBLEM

The U.S. manufacturing and mining of rare earth minerals has been severely curtailed due to the Thorium disposal problem.  China has no such concerns and thus has cornered the rare earth mineral and special batteries we use in many devices such as cell phones.  How dangerous is Thorium?  This 28 minute video shows the issues and how America is being screwed out of major mining and rare earth industry.  Thorium is a highly dense energy source in itself, and we are NOT doing anything to use it!  The truth is this reactor cannot explode or melt down!  It uses 99% of the material, and we have it stockpiled as WASTE!

John Kutsch of Thorium Energy Alliance and Jim Kennedy of Three Consulting review the hazards maintaining U.S. current thorium policy. Heavy Rare Earth Element mining is impeded. Energy sector innovation is stifled. Thorium is less dangerous, less radioactive, and less easily metabolized than many elements we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Current regulation assists China’s capture of high-tech manufacturing sector. Current regulation protects incumbent U.S. [light] rare earth producers who DISPOSE of thorium and valuable heavy rare earths in tailing ponds. Current regulation does NOT facilitate growth of U.S. economy.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle recognize reform is needed. No one is willing to introduce legislation to address the thorium problem. China continues to capture high-tech manufacturing jobs. U.S. private corporations are unable to pursue thorium an an energy resource.  They are highly compact facilities and could be used to double the worlds supply of energy!  Imagine your energy / gas bill dropping by half! America is chock full of Thorium.


What is stopping the development of Thorium reactors? Government regulation is stopping the development of these facilities. The Chinese will eventually overtake this, and close the door on our opportunity to run any reactors more inexpensively than them!    I wonder what deals the U.S. government is making with China for mineral rights in the mid west which is our highest density area of Thorium deposits!  Who is selling us out?  The U.S. Congress and Big Business are the ones to watch.

Do not miss this video:







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