Traveling Security : YOUR LUGGAGE IS NOT SAFE!!!

If you travel, then you want to watch this next video.  Schapelle Corby spent years in a Bali prison (Indonesia) because airport personnel used her luggage as a mule and for whatever reason did not intercept it in Australia to pull out the pot.  When she got to Bali for her vacation, her boogy board bag was full of pot!  She was wrongfully jailed for years in prison. You can watch her horrendous story, and the betrayal of an Australian citizen by her government here:



60 minutes short video


Now, what if you just don’t want TSA or someone else to steal your belongings?  Then use a non-zipper bag.  Yes, it will weigh more, but what is your stuff worth to you?  What is your life and that of your family worth to you?


Defeat Dishonest Baggage Handlers










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