The truth about your heart and cholesterol

Have you or anyone you loved followed the myth that saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for you?  Imagine how much more life could be enjoyed if we were given the facts and not some new pet theories.  I recently started studying things like eggs and bacon and was none too happy with what I found. You see, they are actually good for you in moderation.  What do I mean by moderation? You can eat two to four eggs a day and it will help you keep hunger away, and improve your health.  Bacon and eggs are chock full of choline which is very hard for your body to obtain, and is sorely needed.  I just found this video and think it’s very interesting.  Imagine what this conscientious doctor has gone through to follow his heart and be honest.  Do other doctors just not know or just not care about the truth?


You can watch the full interview here!


37,000 products contain trans-fats!  Eliminate it from your diet and your heart with be healthy!

All it takes is 30 days to remove the trans-fats from  your body!

Oxidized fats create calcification in the arteries according to Dr. Kummerow.


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