Dementia : The Silent Epidemic

Have you watched a loved one slip away day by day as they no longer recognize you or other loved ones? Did you watch them lose the ability to think clearly, dress, walk, do normal things and you just knew they were never coming back?  Don’t give up on them!  Did you know that much of our older population has been under assault with false medical advice?  That their brains have been under attack for years by following FDA and doctors dietary advice?  I know it takes a lot of faith to step away from the so called experts, but let me ask you this, are your loved one’s conditions improving and do they enjoy a high quality of life?

I encourage you to read up on Dr. Mercola’s website.  This video below is a testimony of how one man brought is 85 yr old father back from the abyss of dementia:




Dr Mary Newport
UK Newspaper…
ketone ester study Dr Veetch……
5 aged care doctors on Coconut oil
Cinnamon Reviewed
ketoforce Synthetic MCT…
The Rockefellers, The FDA & The Cancer Industry…
Butter is Back margarine causes our diseases…

Cholesterol myth demolished
Benfotiamine Diabetes Relief- Unknown Vitamin



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