Real Unemployment Numbers – 23%

Looking into things more deeply, whether through this blog or other sites is required of us today because we cannot trust the major media or our government anymore.  I think of this clip when I think about seeking the truth and how most people really think:


What would happen if as a whole, the American people woke up with extreme self awareness and honesty?  That they could not just close their little sleepy eyes or flippantly ignore the reality in which we live that we are lied to on a constant basis and not only do we allow it, we seem to like it that way.  Yet, ask most people and they will say, “Yes, I want the truth and facts” and yet when presented with the merest smidgeon of them they get defensive, angry, and cut you off as they cite some bull**it major media factoids!

The government and media are saying the economy is coming back strong.  That job growth is tremendous.  They are filthy deceiving liars, and here are the facts.  Prior to 1994, job growth was calculated differently to take into effect the number of people no longer looking for work.  The slippery politicians took that out of the count so now when 800,000 people left the workforce in the last count, they don’t count in the job growth calculation.  We are told that 200,000 jobs were added to the economy as well.  We are not told they count every job listed on these job seeking sites as “adding jobs” when they job is fake!  Companies and GOVERNMENT offices list jobs all the time for “just in case” we need more people or they thought that job was going to open up!

But, as is generally the case with mainstream assessments and government statistics as of late, the devil’s in the details.

The drop in the unemployment rate from March’s 6.7 percent came as the agency’s survey of households showed the labor force shrank by more the 800,000 in April.

The participation rate, which indicates the share of working-age people in the labor force, decreased to 62.8 percent, matching the lowest level since March 1978, from 63.2 percent a month earlier.

So, while it appears the US added 200,000 jobs we acually lost 3 times as many employed from the rolls of job seekers!


As the above chart shows, nearly one in four Americans are without work. That’s quite a disconnect considering the government’s numbers are off by about 265%!

If the American economy is growing so vigorously, why is 1 in ever 5 American families left with not one member working?  With everyone running to get on food stamps, disability etc. the Cloward Piven strategy to overthrow America from within via entitlement Government programs is working.  Destroy the economy, lower the tax base, and put 50 million plus people on food stamps!  America, say good-night and stop saying you are honest!



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