Proof Elites Planning for Crisis

Over the past few years there has been an exodus of Banking elites from their corporate lives as they quietly retired.  Some have been turning up dead by strange events or odd suicides that made zero sense and appeared to be murder.  Rich people don’t get that way by throwing their money away.  They tend to make sound investments based on information they have obtained.  With that understanding in place, one would have to ask why there are so many doomsday bunkers and communities being built.  What do they think they know?

Visit the Vivos site and watch their short video.  This is about surviving in comfort when the world has gone to hell basically.

There is Vivos Indiana and Vivos Kansas.


I found the prophecy page interesting in that they are presenting themselves as the “other than elite” guys. As if their clients would not be part of the in crowd planning the new system.  Who knows who they really are, but I can tell you that unless you have $200,000.00 for yourself and more for family, you won’t be in one of these 4 star apocalypse retreats!  Most of us will just have to be prepared and help each other should there be a need.


You may find their Knowledge Base useful.


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