E-Cig Update for Vapor Vino

Well, those of you who have been active viewers of my many blog posts know I have not been quite as busy as usual with updates.  I have been side-tracked starting an e-cig business called Vapor Vino!  I am so happy to have stopped smoking regular cigarettes, and I did not suffer from cravings or withdrawals because I found vaping!  Real vaping is just like smoking without 4000 deadly chemicals!

I am going to ask all my readers to do me a favor and invest a little time back into me that I have invested into putting out articles, videos etc.. Please visit my website, and look around.  Tell me what you think of it.  If you are a vaper and want to suggest a flavor for me to create, I’d love to hear it!  I will have a separate blog for e-cig and vaping news.  I will be posting more interesting current events and spiritual information updates here now that I have built the website.

As a special thank you to my viewers in America, if you do vape, you can use a code to save 10% on any purchase through May 2014!   Just type in “Serenity” into the coupon code area  and you will get the discount plus 10 extra reward points that go towards getting a free bottle of our premium e-juice!

Click my header image to visit the site:

If you want to quit how you smoke then I highly recommend you try vaping with a real system.  The BLU ecig method did not work for me.

So, if you would please check out my site, give me some feedback on it.  If you have a face book page please visit Vapor Vino on face book and it will help me reach more people!  Now, onto my conspiracy minded thoughts on this technology. You can click this link to go to facebook and like the page:

I found out that the U.S. has known about the ability to vape nicotine since the 1960’s!  So, from the 1960’s until now, they have known that nicotine was not the dangerous drug, but it was the tar and all those chemicals they put into cigarettes.  Heck, they even added some to make sure they go out when not being actively smoked! People could enjoy the aspect of smoking without the disaster of health related problems caused by tar and chemicals, but where would that have left the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry that makes billions a year on smoking and smoking related illnesses?  The big pharma companies are up in arms over the e-cig because it’s killing their “nicotine patch” product sales!  You see, it’s not an American released technology. The Chinese are the ones who have made vaping popular.  America is their biggest market.  So, if you want to now why the big push for FDA involvement, just follow the money.  You will see the government shutting down a real solution to tobacco illnesses because they don’t like losing this much money.  Oh, and they will tax the hell out of e-cigs!

This is why the FDA is trying to push for e liquid product reviews.  They will charge some $10,000 to $20,000 PER FLAVOR to have it tested and verified that it only has USP grade PG/VG, flavorings, and nicotine in it!  That will run out of business 99% of the cottage industry who has a real heart for helping people.  It’s time to stand up to this corporate owned government and say, “NO MORE!”



From Lung.org

Here are a few of the chemicals in tobacco smoke, and other places they are found:

  • Acetone – found in nail polish remover
  • Acetic Acid –  an ingredient in hair dye
  • Ammonia – a common household cleaner
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Benzene – found in rubber cement
  • Butane – used in lighter fluid
  • Cadmium – active component in battery acid
  • Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
  • Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
  • Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
  • Lead – used in batteries
  • Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls
  • Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
  • Tar – material for paving roads
  • Toluene – used to manufacture paint

Is it safe?  Here are two doctors to tell you what they know.   The first one is the Chief of Staff for UCLA Santa Monica Hospital:




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