Conservative Shills Selling Americans Out


Years ago, I got so angry with Rush Limbaugh and other big name radio talk show hosts.  There was this big push in Washington D.C. to get these treaties called GATT and NAFTA passed.  Americans were so angry that for the first time I can remember we threw the bums out before they could vote on GATT, and for the first time ever that I recall, the President, President Clinton, called these congressmen and senators back from Christmas break who had already been voted OUT of office to vote on the GATT treaty.

We knew we would lose our jobs here in America if this treaty passed.  It would swing the doors of greed wide open for the large corporations to move their factories overseas with zero penalties or tariffs and sure enough, we have lost MILLIONS of jobs.  Then we call people lazy who can’t find a job.  How did that treaty get passed?  Rush Limbaugh for months treated anyone who called his show against GATT and NAFTA like a tin hat wearing isolationist.  He had the bully pulpit of the radio, and he would speak for hours about the greatness of free trade, and if you called to try to explain why this was bad, he would give you a whopping 20 seconds before he would start peppering you with questions.  He and other talk show hosts over the years have done this very thing whenever a major move is coming that traditionalist Americans are against.  Now, we see the latest shill for big brother / globalism.

Glenn beck is the new Rush Limbaugh.  This man who barely has a high school education, is a recovering alcoholic, member of a cult religion they are trying to turn mainstream which we know as Mormonism (Please by all means go read what they believe and how they initiate people in secret ceremonies) is painting Cliven Bundy, a rancher singled out by the government over land rights issues, as a racist!

Judas Goat Glenn Beck Colludes With CIA and CFR to Take Down Patriot Movement

The pedigree of Beck’s circle reveals he is not a libertarian and does not believe in the Constitution

Kurt Nimmo
April 25, 2014

Glenn Beck, who fancies himself a libertarian, is working with corporate media insiders and a former CIA employee who flaunts his membership in the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. The objective of this group at the very heart of Beck’s operation, now readily apparent following the Cliven Bundy standoff, is to portray the Nevada rancher as a racist zealot, a member of a dangerous and outlaw sovereign citizen movement, and inseparable from violent and conspiracy crazed “militia” domestic terrorists. Beck’s campaign mirrors that of the Obama administration, Eric Holder’s Justice Department and the liberal media intelligentsia.

Beck and company are exploiting a carefully crafted meme manufactured in the intervening years since the Oklahoma City bombing by the Southern Poverty Law Center in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the establishment media. They are using this government created and SPLC disseminated mythology to foment discord within the patriot movement and also set the stage for a false flag event that will serve as a coup de grâce that will destroy the movement.

The correlation between the Obama administration, the Justice Department and Beck became obvious as the standoff progressed, most notably when Beck began to repeat government talking points to attack Bundy and his supporters.

There is more to this story that you really need to read. Please go to Infowars page to read the rest and watch the other video showing the history of Glenn Beck.

I do find it interesting that Limbaugh and Hannity have not come out against Bundy yet, and it will be interesting how this will play out.    For a man with barely a high school education Glenn Beck is doing very well serving the Globalists as he rakes in another 120 million dollars this year.

Get your information and facts straight.  These articles show what the government has been doing.  They show via the BLM said they were doing to force Bundy out:

Federal Judge: BLM Engaged In A Criminal Conspiracy Against Ranchers


The Reid / China conspiracy to Attack Cliven Bundy via BLM


Let’s remember 1992 and how America was sold out:



Must watch video to understand what GATT and NAFTA did to the world:



I can’t leave out the 1994 facts and Rush Limbaugh’s role in selling America out:








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