F.D.A. Will Propose New Regulations for E-Cigarettes

The FDA is not just proposing some rules that e-cigs not be sold to anyone under 18 and ingredients be placed on the product, but that each product be submitted to the FDA to be evaluated to prove what is in them!  I wonder what price tag they will put on that evaluation.  This is nothing more than a move to shut down this industry, and return control the big global companies who are more than happy to play ball with the FDA because we independent businesses are cutting in on their territory.

This new move by the FDA is nothing more than hush money / protection money.  If you pay up, then you can play ball, but if you can’t pay up then you are done.  The new prices will be on par with cigarettes now, and they will find a way to tax them.  So, while I now sell a kit with a 30ml bottle of e-juice for $30.00, you can expect to start paying $30.00 for one disposable e-cig kit that will be equal to a carton of cigarettes.  You won’t be able to buy a 30ml bottle for $16.00 anymore.  That’s about the same as a carton of cigarettes.  No, you will have to buy them from big global companies for $30.00 – $50.00 depending on your nicotine level, and I will bet you that there will be some crap ingredients thrown in like aspartame for sweetness.  Yes, let’s make sure big brother keeps poisoning us.

I am disgusted with this power grab by the FDA and big tobacco.



The New York Times had this to say:

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration will propose sweeping new rules on Thursday that for the first time would extend its regulatory authority from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, popular nicotine delivery devices that have grown into a multibillion-dollar business with virtually no federal oversight or protections for American consumers.

The regulatory blueprint, with broad implications for public health, the tobacco industry and the nation’s 42 million smokers, would also cover pipe tobacco and cigars, tobacco products that have long slid under the regulatory radar and whose use has risen sharply in recent years. The new regulations would ban the sale of e-cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco to Americans under 18, and would require that people buying them show photo identification to prove their age, measures already mandated in a number of states.

Once finalized, the regulations will establish oversight of what has been a market free-for-all of products, including vials of liquid nicotine of varying quality and unknown provenance. It has taken the agency four years since Congress passed a major tobacco-control law in 2009 to get to this stage, and federal officials and advocates say it will take at least another year for the rules to take effect — and possibly significantly longer if affected companies sue to block them.

“If it takes more than a year to finalize this rule, the F.D.A. isn’t doing its job,” said Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, an advocacy group.

Thursday’s release of the blueprint — which is hundreds of pages long — is sure to set off a frantic lobbying effort in Washington as affected industries try to head off the costliest, most restrictive regulations.

Members of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, one of the e-cigarette industry trade groups, descended on Washington in November, and reported holding nearly 50 meetings with congressional officials to help them “learn more about the negative impact inappropriate regulation could have on this nascent industry,” the group said in a statement.  More


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