Dr. David Baron M.D. on the safety of E-Cigs and PG/VG

How safe are E-Cigs?  This video explains from a Dr.’s knowledge how nicotine and pg/vg affect the body.  I can say that the only area we have not specifically studied is the affect of flavorings when inhaled.  We know they don’t hurt us when we eat them, and we use them in air fresheners with no ill effects.  I think we can made an informed decision as adults to the use of E-cigs.  I make my liquids with natural Nicotine and USP the highest purity Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

I am very happy I quit smoking, and am helping others to do the same.  Will everyone quit by using this? I doubt it, but I did, and I believe my mother who died three  years ago from smoking complications (COPD) would still be with us had she known about the vaping systems I now sell.  The Blu types did not work for me or her.


If you want to know why the government is trying to stop E-cig use, follow the money.


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