How did I get here?

I lost my thyroid function in 1992, and I have never felt right. I quit trusting the doctors and now self treat. I don’t feel great, but I don’t feel any worse than I did taking levothyroxin or synthroid. NONE OF THE DOCTORS would prescribe Armour thyroid. I can’t buy it in America without a prescription, so I take Thyroid-S. I wish I felt like I did prior to having my first child, but I’ve given up on that, and just want to not be tired. Some days are better than others, but I am always in pain of some kind, and I watch everything I eat. I am fully convinced that millions of women are suffering with T3 problems and the doctors don’t give a damn and just want to say it’s in our heads.

Lorraine Cleaver

Following the birth of my only child nine years ago, I became very ill and extremely thin and was diagnosed with Graves disease. The treatment prescribed was anti thyroid therapy, Carbimazole, and it worked. Gone were the sweats, palpitations, weight loss, extreme hunger, agitation and insomnia. Life was good. Until. Well, until a year later I underwent a sub-total thyroidectomy on the advice of my endocrinologist. I was told this would lessen the chance of suffering the awful, bulging, staring eyes of TED, thyroid eye disease. I went ahead though it’s the biggest regret of my life and here is why.

I came round from surgery, unable to breath comfortably. No doctor came. The neck drains remained stubbornly empty and my neck grew larger. A physio came and told me the problem was I was simply not breathing correctly. I requested a doctor again, was brushed off. Finally twelve hours…

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One comment on “How did I get here?

  1. Thanks for reblog! I completely agree with you, many thousands if not millions of people, mainly women, low in T3 thanks to T4 only meds and being told it’s somatoform. Read an interesting piece yesterday with Doctors who treated the author Jeanette Winterson. They talk about the poor standard thyroid tests and how “With the Pill to prevent conception, IVF to encourage it and HRT for the menopause, the womb to tomb ambitions of Big Pharma have been realised”. This is how it seems to me. Anti depressants are handing out with ease, also ruining our thyroid. Is post natal depression actually low thyroid? Probably. Pregnancy is a major endocrine disrupting period, naturally after wards there is a period of adjustment.

    Hard not to feel like sitting ducks for pharma. Thankfully the Scottish Parliament are at least listening. I can buy Armour from the USA without prescription. Happy to share link with you.

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