Feds Pushing for War with Americans

This situation with the Cliven Bundy rancher is heating up to epic proportions.  Independent militias are gathering to defend while the Feds bring in hundreds of law enforcement and independent mercenary “Blackwater” type contractors to harass and intimidate the protesters.  The Feds will not deny or admit to euthenizing the Bundy cattle, and that is pretty much what I expected the first round of action to be.  Kill the cattle and thus the fight is really over.  Pay off the Bundy for the loss of the cattle and turn the land over to the fracking industry and military mining industry that wants the minerals that are on that land which are useful for making military grade weapons.


What I did notice though is the headlines on the Drudge Report:

bundy drudge headlines

If those are not fighting words and provocation from the Feds, then please tell me what is.  What will the average American’s reaction be if there is violence between the protesters and the Feds?  My guess is they will yawn, and wonder when the next tv show or professional game is coming on, and say, “Not my fight”. This will be the final proof the government needs to know they can come for first amendment, second amendment, fourth amendment rights with zero concern of a reaction for the majority of Americans.  The programming has been complete.  The fact is we have been in a test for several years.  Waco was a test.  Ruby ridge was a test.  It showed the power elite just how much American’s will stomach and they used “cult” images at Waco to help pacify us.  Stories of abuse etc to push us into seeing the Davidians as dooped people following an evil man.  Well, Cliven Bundy is about as all American salt of the earth as you can get, and now we are being tested as to just what we will let the government get away with.  White people still make up the majority of the population.  You are not going to see amass uprising of Latinos or Blacks over this because on the whole they hate whites.  So, anytime whitey gets hit that’s a good thing.  The government knows however that if whitey is NOT going to lay down and take it, then the fight is going to be very costly, and therefore we are being tested.

Your bank accounts will be seized to curtail a currency implosion, your 401k will be depleted for the same reasons, and you will take whatever medicine the WHO deems appropriate at the behest of your Lords.   You will be chipped, tagged, and monitored in your homes for the children’s safety, and if you have a job you won’t care.  If you do not have a job, you will be put to useful service by the government, and that my friends is modern day creation of the scenes from 1984.  It’s here and you allowed it to happen.



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