ANOTHER Banker Shot Dead in Parking Garage of his Bank

Well, here another banker killed!  We just had news of a banker, his wife and daughter shot dead, and now this from a cached page as the story won’t pull up:

Fund Manager Allegedly Killed Bank CEO In Firm’s Parking Garage


Jurgen Frick

Jurgen Frick

Jürgen Frick, the CEO of Bank Frick & Co., was allegedly shot dead in the firm’s underground parking garage in the village of Balzers by former fund manager Jürgen Hermann, the statements said. Frick was 48.

“The employees of the bank are stunned by the senseless act,” COO Edi Wögerer said in a statement. “Words cannot express our grief at the loss of Jürgen Frick. We extend the mourning family Frick our sincere condolences.”

The incident happened at about 7 a.m.


Hermann fled the scene, authorities said. His car was later discovered in the nearby town of Ruggell along the Rhine River.

Police believe Hermann has committed suicide. They said in a statement they found Hermann’s passport, driver’s license, and handwritten notes with a confession and parting words.

Jurgen Hermann

Jurgen Hermann

A body has not yet been found, though. Police said they’re using helicopters, thermal imaging cameras, and dogs to search the area.

According to the bank, Hermann had tried unsuccessfully for many years to blackmail the firm.

The bank said that Hermann claimed it was responsible for the collapse of his fund Hermann Finance in 2005.

In 2010, the Liechtenstein Supreme Court had dismissed Hermann’s action.

The bank said that Hermann continued to make threats to bank Frick.

“Hermann put his threats into action yesterday,” the bank‘s statement read.

End story here



So, we have another dead banker, shot early in the morning, probably no witnesses and the alleged perpetrator is dead as well.  That’s so convenient so we can’t really hear from either party.





3 comments on “ANOTHER Banker Shot Dead in Parking Garage of his Bank

  1. If I were a banker I would spend my money on bullet proof clothing, a parachute, and bullet proof glass in my car. I would take my money and disappear somewhere in the tropics living in a well built hut with a bomb shelter for a basement. Their life expectancy seems to be getting shorter and shorter everyday.

    • I think that is what we are all thinking. When in my near 50 years of life have I ever seen bankers dying like this? The answer of course is NEVER!

      If people can’t realize something very strange is going on, then they are truly emotionally, psychologically and spiritually lobotomized. This must be what God meant when He said, that the people who preferred to believe a lie rather than the truth would receive a strong delusion!

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