Pope’s Recent Threat of ‘Unity or Else”

The Roman Catholic new method to chip away at denominations that disagree with them.  This is their new system to create a one world church that embraces every faith and path.  This video is for the serious bible student who is well informed of the disagreements with the Catholic Church.  I say this not because of deep study here, but for one to understand what’s really happening you need to know what Luther’s protest was about, and what the Catholic church teaches, such as the Pope’s edicts can change God’s law, and that Priests forgive your sins among others.  I am not happy with non Catholic churches either, but that is in line with the book of Revelation that shows only 2 of the 7 churches were approved of by God.  So many are stuck in false doctrines. I love all, but I cannot yoke myself with all spiritually.  I recommend this video for all to watch, but if you do not know the history of the church and unwilling to learn it then you will just have to take someone else’s word for what is true here.  I never suggest you put your immortal soul into anyone else’s hands.  They will not stand in judgement for you when you come before your eternal Father and creator.  Are you ready for that moment?


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