Farmer Claims to Have Bred a “GEEP” (Sheep/Goat)

Well, these days just keep lining up with scripture over and over!  I found the video below in my feeds on youtube, and it’s filled with some great stuff.  It’s only 12 minutes long, so don’t miss this one!  I had to cynically laugh when I saw this story in the feed about an Irish farmer claiming his goat was breeding with his sheep and he now has a baby “Geep”!

geep ewe A Goat Had Sex With A Sheep, And This Came Out

Yeshua warned that the last days would be as the days of Noah.  I think this is just one more symbol of the time to wake up.  Sheep and goats are used over and over in the bible to denote the children of God vs. the children of Lucifer.  We know in the days of Noah that the sons of God took the daughters of men and had children which were half breed genetically impure, and they became rogue giants.  The book of Enoch which even Yeshua quotes from as well as the book of Jude tells us that these were angels mixing with human women creating hybrids!  Go look it up yourself.  Enoch was considered sacred text until some later Christians took it out of the bible. Some sects still have it in the bible.

The days of Noah are here, the symbolism is all around us, and we are under assault spiritually as never before.  How in you face can they be?  How about naming a movie “Lucy” that is all about man becoming as God? Sound familiar? Lucifer caused the fall of Adam and Eve by promising that very thing, and now he has a movie named after him. Here is the trailer to it, and the follow up video which I told you explains some of the crazy programming in “Lucy”:

Yes, you will be faced with destroying who you are in order to fit into the world.  You will be faced with the sons of God again, and almost all of us will fail at staying separate.  Unless you know what to look for, you will become a “geep” as crazy as it sounds.  I have no idea what that means for you or me spiritually for all sins can be forgiven when repented of.  I do not think the women were necessarily damned for being taken by the sons of God, but their hybrid children were damned and became demons when they died.   God is calling us out of Babylon.


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