Demons Manifesting

The footage in this video is pretty mind boggling as it captures something very odd that happened during the Japanese tsunami.  For those who deny the supernatural, they will simply say it’s fake or smoke.  For those who believe in ghosts and demons it will be seen as just that.  For those who are not sure, it will certainly give them pause to say, “hmmmm”.   I don’t believe in demons or ghosts. I KNOW they are real.  I have had first hand real life experience with both.  I have been alone and with others during those experiences so it was not my imagination.  I have never had any mental illness nor have I ever been on psychiatric drugs.

I am a watcher on the walls called to sound the alarm.  What you do with it is your business, but there is more to this world than what you can physically understand.  We are in a spiritual war, and it’s heating up on a grand scale:


Our children are under terrible threat.  They are inundated with evil imagery, music, messages daily.  They are fighting for their souls, and if you do not protect them as their Godly covering, they are like sheep to the slaughter at the hands of the demonic.



There are certainly hoax videos out there.  I do not believe these two shown above are such videos.  If you are suffering with some sort of demonic manifestations in your home there is a way to stop them.  I studied spiritual warfare in depth for years.  They will leave when commanded to do so by someone of faith who claims the authority in the name of Jesus / Yeshua.  I do not allow them to speak or manifest once they make themselves known.  I have not had to deal with them in many years, and I believe it is because I have complete faith in my Lord and savior Yeshua.  I have no faith or authority of myself for it is only by the blood of Yeshua and my faith in HIM that I have won the victory over such entities.  They do not want to go to the pit to await judgment and therefore I believe they know I will send them there in Jesus name, and therefore they leave me alone.


If you are struggling with them all I can say is accept Jesus / Yeshua as your Lord and savior, repent of your sins, and ask him to dwell within you by His holy spirit.  Then by that authority granted to all His disciples bind those demons and send them to the pit in Jesus name to await their final judgment never to return to this realm again!


God bless you and never let them see you sweat!



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