The Russo-Chinese Pincer Movement Against The US Treasury and The FED

The pieces are falling into place for the economic take over by the Chinese. They are in bed with the Russians. If you cannot see a red flag in this, please see and eye doctor today!

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The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by member banks. If those member banks have either sold out to China or are bought for pennies on the dollar by them when the dollar crashes, then Beijing will own the American Federal Reserve Bank. Though at that point we could no longer call it American.

China has bought 60% of all the real estate in the Financial District of South Manhattan. This includes the J P Morgan Chase headquarters building at one Chase Plaza which has the largest private bold bullion vault in the world. It is next door to the New York Federal Reserve vault. When Dr Jim Willie saw the price the Chinese paid for the building, he wondered if that was a typo. After he confirmed the price, he began speculating  that J P Morgan might have lost a bundle and avoided bankruptcy by selling out to Beijing…

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3 comments on “The Russo-Chinese Pincer Movement Against The US Treasury and The FED

  1. Published on 9 Mar 2014… Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of “The Hat Trick Letter,” contends, “I don’t think it would be a shock to see the Russians come out and say we’ve got over 20,000 tons of gold, and we are going to back our ruble with gold. Screw the dollar. I think in the next year or so, the Russians and Chinese are going to let it be known that between them they own close to 40,000 tons of gold. They are going to have a real currency and do a real global reset and have a real return to the gold standard and screw the dollar with all its toxic sovereign bonds. One of the principle foundations of the dollar is not gold, it’s the military. We’re seeing it now.” Dr. Willie predicts “an 80% decline in the value of the U.S. dollar in three years.”

    Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie who can be found on
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