The NWO spiritualists are on the move!

I came across this video that is showing the upcoming plans of some of the new age believers.  This really is nothing new; however, they seem to thing imminent change is upon us.   With the upcoming tetrad moons I am expecting some shenanigans.  We have been told all things about the last days to expect a massive time of upheaval followed by a false peace.  This is not the Lord’s doing, but he told us what to expect.  I think we are on the cusp of seeing these events:


As our world economy spirals out of control, wars begin, and disasters happen, just remember to pray and trust in the Lord. Never lose hope, and know we are called to a much more perfect time in the millennial kingdom.  We cannot stop what is to come, and our attitude, behavior, and actions will speak volumes as to our true faith.


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