Videos From Ukraine that The U.S. Media Will Never Show You

This site, A Sheep No More, is fast becoming a favorite of mine. This story with videos has information the mainstream American media is not showing.

Videos From Ukraine that The U.S. Media Will Never Show You

The sugar coated story that the U.S. state-run corporate media and it’s EU allies have been feeding the public is completely out of sync with the events unfolding on the ground in Ukraine. Here are six videos that you’ll never see aired on the mainstream news.
Protesters burning Police Officers!!!
Now, I cannot say what the police are doing there, and I can see Americans getting fed up with our thug cops here and doing this (stupid action by the way, and not one that will help restore liberty), but I don’t know what’s happening in the Ukraine, but I can assure you if a Tea Party rally got out of control and started burning and killing police, then this would be shown 24/7 on CNN, MSNBC etc..
“Freedom fighters” brutally beat man with batons while he’s laying on the ground
From what I have gathered there is quite a bit of anger amongst various groups within the Ukraine and some are Jihadists.  Could this be more about civil uprising amongst the people? What is the Muslim history in this region? 
Literal Neo-Nazis openly marching through Kiev displaying their emblems
Now, this would certainly seal the deal for most Americans about getting involved in this mess over there!  When are Americans going to defend neo nazi’s?  This is why I do not trust the American media.  Where is the coverage of this here? Maybe Russia needs to step in and bring some order.  I know America does not need to play big brother world cop.
Alexander Muzychko vows to fight “against Jews communists, and Russian scum” for as long as he lives.
Ah, there we go!  More Jew hating nazi propaganda!  And you would think with the Ukrainian history of suffering and genocide that they would not blame the Jews for their troubles.  Yes, it is true Marx was a Jew.  Well, he was more likely a lying Kenite posing as  Jew and not really a Jew, but the world sees him as Jewish.  Doesn’t this video just make you all warm and fuzzy and feel like helping out the protesters? 
Muzychko brandishing an Ak-47 in parliament and letting them know who is in charge!
The old line of “better the enemy you know than one you do not” comes to mind here!  Nothing says freedom in leadership and government quite like an AK -47 in parliament!  I think we are beginning to see we have thugs on both sides of the conflict here, and why would you get into a thug fight?  Maybe kill em all and let God sort them out?  No, No I am just thinking of the possibilities.  America has enough of our own internal problems not to mention failing economy to get involved in what is surely a civil disagreement amongst countrymen.

Right sector members saluting Nazi style and shout nationalist slogans like “Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!” “Ukraine for Ukrainians.”
Well, they took very good notes from Hitler’s speeches it seems.  Now, if you are from this region and reading this blog, please do chime in and give us your first hand experience.  Why on earth would I want my son to go over there and get involved in your fight?  Why would anyone want a foreign country to come into theirs to straighten them out?  I mean, it’s worked out so well for the Iraqi people with over one million dead children from our illustrious help!

One comment on “Videos From Ukraine that The U.S. Media Will Never Show You

  1. i’ve been watching these for weeks.
    1 – Cops are trying to bring order – they are un-armed.
    2 – Anyone who disagrees with the “freedom fighters” is beaten or killed.
    3 – It is said that the US trained and armed these people who are loyal to Stepan Bandera, and I read a US news article that said the US has spent billions in support leading up to this up rising. The west wants with the EU and the east / south wants with Russia – all do not want what they have had.
    4 – He and others will fight for anyone fighting Russia. The west is supporting a Nazi group, and the US just gave the party a billion dollars. Don’t be a Jew, Russian, or black and live there!
    5 – This thug is also shown here bitch-slaping judges. I think he has been arrested somehow?
    6 – For Gods sake, let the politicians get honest there, and allow Russia to clean this mess up. The people the US support are Nazi –

    Another bankers war is at hand – Syria has won I read this morning – are we off to fight there because we can’t fight in the Ukraine?

    Find a feed from channel 1 in Moscow – you will see a LOT that is missing there. Got to get away from this for a bit – too close to a home that I don’t like returning to –

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