Update Analysis on Ukraine Situation

Thanks to one of my subscribers, this video analysis on what is happening in the Ukraine and Putin’s reaction is very good.  I have to say that the Ukrainians do not have a love affair with Russia especially when millions of them were starved to death by Russia not that long ago.  America cannot fight a war with Russia and fight in the Middle East.   Do we owe protection to the Ukrainians?  Are we willing to risk war with Russia?  I do not believe the American people will support that battle.

Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian Studies at New York University and of politics at Princeton University joins Hari Sreenivasan for more to analyze what is happening.

I like watching PBS because they are the voice of the elite, and what they want us to believe. I don’t trust their information, but I find it valuable.  Here is another show talking about what is happening.  I am very unhappy that Obama is President during this crisis.  He is no Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton for that matter, and all I can see him doing is bowing and kissing their socialist asses.


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