Connecticut: The Coming Storm

Wake up people. Not just in America, but worldwide, the SWHTF very soon!

Stately McDaniel Manor

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Friday, June 27th, 2014, 0-dark-thiry:  The politicians have made their decision.  By a twist of fate–your file simply happened to be on the top of the stack for no particular reason–you’ll be the first example.  A state police SWAT team pull to the curb in front of your home, leap from their van and rush to your front door.  Two black-clad men pull back a ram and swing it toward your front door, aiming just above the knob, while the rest of the team waits anxiously, their automatic weapons charged and off safe.  Two hope they’ll get the opportunity to shoot.  At least one wants to manufacture the opportunity.

You’ve made two major mistakes; they will cost your life and destroy your family:  you live in a blue state where the governor and legislature have no respect for the Constitution and the lives and liberty of…

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One comment on “Connecticut: The Coming Storm

  1. As I read into the “View original”, I thought to myself “this guy really knows what he is talking about!!! So, after the read I went deeper to see who he is and to no surprise found this – he meant what he said by experience –

    “”I am a veteran of the Air Force, having served in SAC as a Security Policeman during the Cold War. I am also a veteran of a bit less than two decades of experience as a civilian police officer where I served as a patrolman, juvenile officer, detective, field training officer, taught at a state law enforcement academy, served as a shift supervisor, division commander, firearm trainer and SWAT officer. I’m also a firearm instructor certified by the NRA and the American Small Arms Academy (Chuck Taylor’s school).””

    Pay attention people – this is no joke – what he said about those cops who want to kill you is absolutely true –

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