Manual Vacuum sealing for long term food storage

What do you do if you have no electricity and you need to store some dry goods?  This video shows how to modify a standard bicycle pump to use with a common wide mouth canning jar sealer:


Parts Obtained From Walmart:
1 x Bell Air Attack Bicycle Pump

Parts Obtained From Lowe’s:
1 x Watts Ander-Lign Compression Elbow, 1/4″ OD x 1/4″ MIP w/insert, 170000301
1 x Watts Street Elbow, 1/4″ MIP x 1/4″ FIP, 17000739
1 x Watts Pipe Tee, 1/4″ FIP, 17000730
1 x Watts Hose Barb Adapter, 1/4″ Barb x 1/4″ MIP, 17000192
2 x Plastic Zip Ties
1 x Hose Clamp
1 x Roll of Teflon Thread Sealing Tape
1 x Watts 1/4″ x 20′ Polyethylene Tubing, 15275

Parts Obtained From Amazon:
1 x Food Saver Regular Jar Sealer
1 x Food Saver Wide Mouth Jar Sealer


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