Connecticut State Police Lt. Vance Calls Woman Anti-American for Questioning Gun Laws

This is a chilling conversation that a resident of Connecticut had with Lt. Vance of the Connecticut State Police:

Do you not see that they are now calling  concerned American’s who are seeing our rights being stepped in regards to the second amendment un-American!  This caller tries to find out if the police are going to come to her home after she received a letter regarding not turning in a weapon deemed illegal by the state legislature.  The gestapo police agent said he enforces all lawful laws in the state, and says that the new law is legal.

He denies the right to keep and bear arms because the law passed by the state legislature is in effect in Connecticut.  There were a lot of men killed after WWII who said, “I was following orders”!

Lt. Vance says, “We are not the Gestapo, this is the third call I have had today regarding this, and I don’t know where it’s coming from.”  To wit, the caller tells him that it’s coming from scared citizens who do not believe the new law is legal.  If it was not a defense for these German police and soldiers who stepped all over people’s rights and killed them as they enforced the law, then it is not a defense for any police in Connecticut!  Police are killing Americans every day for no reason.  They shoot them for reaching for a cane, for sitting in their bed in a no knock warrant.  They shoot people for calling them names, and they boldly tell us we no longer have free speech.

This disgusting cop calls her “Un-American” says “I am the Master” and expects us to bend over, grab our ankles and say, “Thank you, may I have another Sir”!

Welcome to Germany 1939



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