Vote Fraud Proven : Clinton Curtis Testifies before Congress

The second video is the full raw testimony and I do recommend that you watch it.  The first video though shows how this all works, and how Bush was given the election in Florida.  It shows how the vote is controlled via these electronic voting machines.  You cannot find the fix unless you can get to it before the program self deletes, and that is unlikely to happen.

It matters not who votes, it matters who is counting the vote.  Before we ever vote for President it is rigged in the Primary.  Thus, no matter who wins the power brokers are in control of them be they Democrat or Republican.  I saw the fix in the 90’s when it was obvious that conservatives loved Pat Buchanan. He was robbed in the primaries, and it was proved then that the tabulating service that reported the votes called in was switching the numbers.  Look it up and verify it for yourself.  People reported that in their small town, they knew that at least 20 people voted for Buchanan and yet he showed 9 votes.  How is this possible unless it’s fraud?  The same thing happened against Ron Paul.  An entire family voted for him in Vermont, and yet when the vote count came out for their small town, not 1 vote for Ron Paul!

I get angry when people ask, “Did you vote” and when you tell them no, they get indignant and say, “Then you really don’t have much of a voice or right to share your opinion about who was elected!”  We have dead people voting for Democrats.  We have people voting multiple times and that does seem to be a democrat issue, though who is to say if in some elections it’s both parties.  The really big problem though is the Diebold electronic machines.  It doesn’t matter if a million people vote 5 times each, if that machine is going to give Candidate A 51% and Candidate B 49% then it’s a rigged election!


This is another report on this information. I like to watch lots of videos.  I will post a few more not on Mr. Curtis information, but other facts I have found over the years.


People voting multiple times

Dead people voting


VOTE FRAUD IS RAMPANT!  Should illegal aliens be voting in our elections?


Don’t skip this last one as it might be one of the most important!  Imagine your Senators vote being cast by someone else who pushed the button before he got the chance to!  This video is unbelievable, and I can’t help but wonder why these people are not under arrest and in jail!




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